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Sun 26th Jun - West Cornwall Motor Show

For those not planning to venture up to Wimborne for VDub at the Pub, CVWOC will again be having a club display at this local motor show. If you attended last year there is no need to complete more

Fri 24th Jun - VDub At The Pub

This is a small (but growing!) VW show with some lovely VWs and lots of great live music all weekend. If you love music as much as you love VWs I would highly recommend checking this one out. more

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We have a facebook open page. Please like it and keep up to date with the facebook CVWOC community

About the CVWOC

CVWOC is a friendly club that welcomes all - individuals, couples and families alike. We pride ourselves with being incredibly inclusive, providing support for each other and with lots of members that’s a huge amount of knowledge out there, so there’s always someone with an answer! more

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